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Audry Hardy

As presented at the Rohe Era, UT Track & Field Reunion Dinner, by Marvin West on October 3rd, 2014:

Audry Hardy won seven All-America awards competing for Tennessee.

Audry Hardy was twice co-captain of the Volunteers and was honored as the most dedicated track athlete in 1971.

Audry was never mistaken for a dumb jock. He holds a UT degree in business administration.

He earned a masters from Central Michigan. He did advanced studies in accounting at Franklin University.

He worked more than 30 years for Delphi, a global supplier of electronics and technologies. He got as high as manager of production control, logistics and accounting.

Along the way, he gave more than he received. He served as elder-pastor at his church. He was a teacher. He delivered sermons. He did premarital counseling. He officiated at funerals.

He was a facilitator for the Family Dynamics Institute. He served on his township board of zoning. He was a member of Rotary. He was a speaker for the the Pocket Testament League.

All that plus retirement sound pretty good to me. So, Audry, what about the rest of your life?

Audry Hardy is executive director of Hope Healing House Foundation in Dublin, Ohio.

He is busy with marriage enrichment seminars, one-on-one life coaching, education, family economics and a few little things like the PREVENTION of domestic abuse.

Audry gives or has given service time with Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Komen Race for the Cure, Allstate Hands in the Community and The Center for Family Safety and Healing.

He is involved in a campaign to reduce youth homelessness. He is a facilitator for Lupus support groups. He is a consultant for the city school system. He helps with Meals on Wheels.

Almost forgot to tell you, Audry sometimes thinks of himself. He remains interested in chess and music.

I present to you a very special Volunteer, AUDRY HARDY