Rohe Track Era All About Us!


The Rohe Track Era Websites exist to preserve the legacy of and facilitate communications among the athletes and friends of the University of Tennessee Track & Field and Cross Country programs for the years in which Coach Rohe was head coach (Fall 1962---Spring, 1971, including the athletes recruited by Rohe who were freshmen in 1971-72).


Rohe Era Track and XC Association: Coppley Vickers (co-chair), Tom Scott (co-chair), Bob Barber, Tom Carmichael, Bud Ford, Donnie Graham, Audry Hardy, Bill High, George Jensen, George Moschis, Don Pinkston, Pat Pomphrey, Chuck Rohe, Henry Rose, Paul Scott, Bill Skinner, and Mike Tomasello.

The main Association committees are as follows:

  1. The Website Technical Committee: Bob Barber (chair), Tom Carmichael, Donnie Graham, Coppley Vickers.

  2.  The Directory Committee: Roger Neiswender (chair), Don Pinkston, Bud Ford, Steve Deaton, Mike Tomasello.

  3.  The History Committee: Tom Scott (chair), Bud Ford, Audry Hardy, Pat Pomphrey, Henry Rose, Paul Scott, Bill Skinner, Don Pinkston, Charlie Durham.

  4. The Electronic Newsletter and Communications Committee: Tom Carmichael, Bob Barber, Tom Scott, Bud Ford.

  5.  The Reunion Committee: Coppley Vickers (chair), Danny Brown, Bill High, Donnie Graham, Winston Russell, Don Pinkston, Mickey Shelton, Audry Hardy, Steve Deaton, David Job.

  6.  The Financial Funding Committee: Henry Rose (chair), Pat Pomphrey, Mike Tomasello, George Moschis, Coppley Vickers, Tom Scott, George Jensen, Dave Jensen, Ron Turner, Ron Calloway, Hardee McAlhaney, Jeff Gable.

  7.  The UT Athletic Department Relationship Committee: Bob Barber (chair), Bill High, Mike Tomasello, Coppley Vickers, Bill Sellmer.

  8.  The Dual Athletes Committee: Paul Scott, Bud Ford, Richmond Flowers, Karl Kremser.

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