Rohe Track Era All About Us!



UT Track:  1966-1967; Middle Distance Runner (440); Ran on Frosh Mile Relay team with Tom Fisher, Bob Dickson, and Larry Kelly; Serious Hamstring Injury in Sophomore Year Ended Track Career.

Military Service:  US Army; June 4, 1969--June 4, 1971; SGT (E-5).

Duty Stations:  Charlie Company, 4th Battalion, 18th US Infantry, Berlin Brigade--West Berlin, East Germany

MOS:  11B40 Infantry

Medals:  : National Defense Service Medal, Army Occupation Medal (Berlin), Good Conduct Medal, Rifle, Machine Gun, 45. Pistol (Expert)

Comments:  : I got drafted in 1969. At this time I was still at Tennessee, I was married and had a 6 month baby girl. Plus I have a bad leg that every doctor I saw said would keep me out of the service. I got serious hurt in my sophomore year. I ripped my hamstring in half. The doctor said even if they sewed my hamstring back together I would never gain back the use it, or have any strength. When I took my pre-induction physical in Tennessee, I took my physical with Bob Johnson from the Tennessee football team. We had seen each other around Gibbs, so we got to talking. He was hoping they would get his height at 6' 3'' not 6'4''. So when he got on the scale they measured him at 6'-3'' 275lbs. He was 17lbs over weight for his height. He was rejected. I got on the scale right after him I was 6' 165lbs. I was accepted. True story. But when I went for my induction physical at Fort Hamilton in New York, they took my medical records about my hamstring problem and threw them in the garbage can and said you're in.